Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver skilled, ethical, and evidence-based speech therapy services to adults in the Rochester Community. We aim to address a range of communication and swallowing challenges, including voice disorders, expressive and receptive language difficulties, cognitive impairments, and feeding/swallowing issues. Through personalized and comprehensive interventions, our goal is to empower individuals to communicate effectively, enhance their quality of life, and achieve optimal swallowing function.


At our practice, we understand the frustration and inconvenience of waiting for skilled services. That's why we're dedicated to providing our clients with timely, individualized treatment plans that address their unique needs. Our goal is to help you get back to your life as quickly as possible, armed with the confidence and skills to move forward. With our commitment to excellence and personalized care, you can trust us to support you on your journey to better communication and swallowing function.

Our approach to personalized treatment:



A skilled assessment to better formulate a plan of action


Customized integrated care plans with person-centered framework


Strategies for community integration and moving forward


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"Emily has been a great asset in assisting our mom with her recovery process following her stroke. She is very patient and attentive to our mom’s individual needs. Since the stroke, our mom’s speech has improved tremendously. The exercises Emily provides both during their sessions and to practice on her own time are super beneficial. Our entire family is thankful for Emily’s time and compassion helping to ease the recovery process following a tragic event." 

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"Lynn from Flower City Speech was accommodating the entire time she worked with our mom. Our mother had Parkinson’s Disease so she had some troubles with speech and swallowing. Lynn was more than willing to travel to her home and work with her. After her thorough initial assessment, she made some recommendations and modified them as needed. She made the same appointment times each week to make it easier to keep track of. She actually scheduled the appointments during our mom’s lunch time so she could guide her with the chewing process and give her tips right on the spot. She used the Speak Now program with our mom and gave her some “homework” in between sessions so she would be able to learn the skills taught more quickly. However, she was flexible, if our mom was overwhelmed, and wasn’t always quite able to finish. She took time to keep in close communication with the family, so we could work together to meet her needs best. She took time to listen to mom’s concerns and get to know her on a personal level, as well. Lynn was so kind, caring and patient with our mom! We highly recommend her!"

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"I am really impressed with the quality of services at Speech Connections. After having a stroke, I benefited from speech-language services from Emily. She helped me determine what outcomes I wanted from therapy and aided me in meeting my goals. I feel she went above and beyond to make sure our goals were pertinent to my lifestyle. My recovery process has been greatly improved because of the support I received from Emily. I am thankful for the strategies and experience I've gotten under her care. Working with Emily helped me make the best of a life changing situation."

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